Lets Make the Process More Efficient


The story is a two part story so lets start with…

Part 1 – 2009

In 2009 I moved to Dubai to start a new chapter in my life; a graduate of the RIBA certificate my dream was to open my own design practice in which iset out to do; in parallel the experience my journey awarded me made me wonder why there wasn’t a system in place to cater for the everyday average persons relocation chapter in their life, you know, something that gave you a heads up so you didn’t feel so lost as soon as you arrived, an ice breaker if you wish.

like anyone moving across the globe to another country; you have to go through the process of packing, selling, storing, cleaning, moving, buying furniture and the list goes on depending on your circumstance. Every individuals experience is different and the process can be annoying for some and that got me thinking; this MUST be everyone’s problem not just mine…

Part 2 – 2011

After settling down in Dubai a few years later (2011) whilst driving in one of the many industrial areas Dubai has to offer (Al Qouz) I stumbled upon a small warehouse whilst in search for a place to fix my car. This particular warehouse sold Moroccan Furniture and Artifacts. Being a design enthusiast I parked my car and entered the store and to my amazement I had uncovered what seemed to me a decent affordable Moroccan Furniture store. I mean this place had no representation, no marketing strategy, no identity, it was simply a warehouse stacked to the ceiling with affordable gems that would light up any interior space. I remember having the urge to want to share this with others, i mean at the time i didn’t need anything but i’m sure someone out there did.

Marriage of the Two Parts – 2014

A few Month later I had a light bulb moment and I remember it so clearly, it was in the car whilst  looking out of the window on SZR looking at the city scape rising from the sands and my brain told me that I needed to do something about this, I needed to create the platform that would make life easier for everyone, basically it didn’t have to be this way.

At that exact moment the idea was born, the idea that the next generation of travelers and design enthusiasts would not have to go through the same grooling process i did along with many others. We should never feel lost in a country, we should never be deprived of the SME’s that don’t have a marketing budget, and we should definitely not settle for items in life because there isn’t a platform out there to make it easy for you to search for what you actually want.

Over three years of design/planning/ & development KYP collected information to form what we feel would be considered a handy directory that can be carried around the world to give you that helping hand when visiting, relocating or even residing in your own country. Enjoy our directory and if you have discovered a Gem and share the same passion then sign up and show us what you found. It can be a furniture store with unique items, moving company with great service, a plumber or electrician that are reliable, an art gallery, etc the more we share the more happier people become.

Lets make this easy for everyone, one portal, all the answers, happy searching…

Wondering what Kit Your Pad Means even after reading the above?

‘Kit’ …a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose

‘Your’ …second person, a singular or plural,  (Possessive determiner, Your)

‘Pad’…Inhabited space (Flat, House etc.)

KYP World Team