Instant Ways To Add Sparkle To Your House

It’s time to bid goodbye to summers, and welcome autumn with open arms. It’s that time of the year when we begin to gear up for bright parties, festivities and carnivals. So why leave our homes behind, let the sparkle shine upon us and light up our love nest in the best possible fashion. The best homes in town are sprucing up their space with metallic wallpaper, silver coasters, sequined cushions and glitzy pillows. Read on to find out ways to add glam sheen and shine to your home decor.Decorate..

Going Upholstery Fabric Shopping? Go Classy!

Fine fabrics ensure fine living and refresh your home. They manage to combine eclectic design and exquisite coverings and upholstery that liven up your home while shielding it from the weathering conditions. The fabrics of your upholstery must be elegant and demonstrate the depth of craftsmanship.Designs inspired by nature with floral and retro prints uplifting colours. The beautifully designed patterns give the room softness and sensuality, reviving your senses with an air of freshness. It must be perfectly..

Buy Smart: Sofa Shopping.

Choosing the right sofa for your home is no joke. There are things to know and keep in mind when you go couch shopping. Here are some pointers from the GoodHousekeeping Magazine on what to look for when buying a couch. ‘Whatever your family calls it — sofa, settee, divan, davenport — it’s a major investment. To get the best sit for your buck, follow these steps:Check the FrameA sturdy frame means a long-lasting sofa. Soft wood, such as pine, is low-cost, but it may warp or wobble after five..

Finishing Touches

Handsome books are a key element among the interior design trends in accessories. Designers will often create stacks of them to display. On tables, on shelves, on the floor…stacks of books continue to be a hot finishing touch. In many cases I think the color and texture they provide for the design scheme is more important than their actual content.

On the walls, black and white photography continues to be a hot choice. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch or create the feeling of a gallery. Plus it adds some refreshing contemporary pizazz to any room’s style.

Popular arrangements for wall art are a quadrant pattern or a linear pattern placed horizontally or vertically on the wall.

Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment

Turn a Rental Into “Home Sweet Home”

Decorating a first, second, or tenth apartment can be a challenging process. For most renters, the question might be “why spend the time and effort on a space I’ll never own?”

There are many ways to “glam” up an apartment without investing a large sum of money. You can find wonderful, vintage pieces of furniture at secondhand stores and yard sales. Check out stores such as IKEAHome Goods, and Cost Plus World Market. They offer great options for stylish décor and affordable furniture pieces. Be sure to choose pieces that reflect your personal style. Invest more in items that you can take with you and can be used in future homes.

To bring vibrancy to any room, rented or owned, introduce color. If allowed by your landlord, add an accent wall with paint. Be careful of the color you chose because colors are often associated with moods. For example, shades of green are a good choice for a bedroom because of this hue’s calming influences. If you can’t paint, you can add color through your bedding, window coverings, and artwork.

As you begin to select furnishings for your new, small, perhaps temporary home, think of the main ways you’ll be using the space. Everyone’s needs are different–to some extent. But everyone needs a place to sleep, to relax, to eat, to work, and to store things.

Regardless of your lifestyle, any home turf should to be ready to provide you with the main needs of living. Plan your space and purchases to meet those needs and fit the space available.

  • Bedroom
    Whether you “crash” or “escape” to your apartment, you’ll need a bed. Choose the best bed you can afford and the largest one that will fit your space. Add a night stand or bedside table and lamp. If the space will allow, add a comfortable chair.
  • Living Room
    If your apartment is really small, this room will probably need to be multi-functional. You should find a chair or two or a loveseat or sofa. Add a television and sound system and you’ll be ready to entertain guests and relax. Use either wall-mounted or free-standing shelving tostore books and display knick knacks you may have. Add color and comfort with an area rug.
  • Kitchen
    Some small apartments have a closet-size kitchen and many apartments provide the appliances you’ll need. In any case, you will need a safe place to cook and store food. A microwave, cook-top, and mini-frig would fit even the smallest space. A real luxury would be a small seating area that would hold a bistro table and pair of chairs.
  • Office
    I don’t know many people who don’t do at least some work at home. Adesk would be a luxury in a really small apartment. But you’ll need some place for your computer, a comfortable working chair, and storage for your office supplies and books.
  • Storage
    Try to be creative when it comes tostorage. Every inch of a small apartment will be used for some necessary purpose. Hang a broom and mop from wall-hooks. Use under-bed boxes for cleaning supplies. Install shelving around the top of the walls for linens, tissue, out-of-season clothes, and extra bedding.

It may seem as though it would cost a lot of money to establish a comfortable, chic, and workable small apartment. But if you keep the basics at the top of your list, you’ll probably realize quickly that you don’t need a huge budget to accomplish your goal of a comfortable temporary home. Be patient. Don’t try to get everything at one time. Buy as the need arises. Keep the big picture in mind.

Keep the main functions of your home in mind as you begin the process of transforming an apartment from a dull and boring space to one that’s dazzling and chic.

Furnishing Tips for New Couples

How to Furnish a Home You’ll Both Love

It is exciting to begin furnishing a home as a new couple, but it can also be challenging. Since it is a big step towards setting up a harmonious new life together, you’ll want to furnish a home you both love.

To avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements there are certain actions you can take to make the process easier:

Talk to Each Other:

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, so talk over each other’s needs and preferences before you go furniture shopping.

Discuss what you plan to buy just as you would before making any other major purchase such as a home or a car. Furniture is the backdrop for your life, make it work for you.

Know Your Home:

Know your home before you start furnishing. If you haven’t lived there for long, wait a little. Get to to know the quirks of your home to understand what it needs.

You will get a sense of how traffic flows through all the different rooms, and the best use for them. Measuring your space would give you a good idea of what might fit.

Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle

Have a Plan:

You might find it easier to shop for furniture if you have a plan. After figuring out your budget, find out what you need and then prioritize. Don’t buy what you’re not sure you need.

Figure out where you want to shop, and then you might want to divide the responsibilities, such as who does the research, legwork, or gets the place ready for the furniture. You may both want to work together to decide on the final purchase.

Trust Your Own Sense of Style:

There is no need to follow anyone else’s lead when you furnish your home, unless you really love that look. If both of you like a particular piece, go for it even if it is different from what you generally see around you. Chances are that it would really fit how you want to live and might be a better expression of your own style.

Mix His and Hers Styles Together:

It is important for both of you to feel equally happy in your own home. Find furniture that reflects your new life together, and get rid of what no longer fits your lifestyle. You may want to divide up the space depending on who spends more time where if both of you have very different tastes. The good news is that since an eclectic look is popular you can mix very different styles with ease if you pay attention to some basic design principles.

Create the Home You Want:

Don’t be afraid to dream big even if your budget is small. Find ways of creating the home you want. Shop at sales, consignment stores, or even accept cast-offs. Think of refinishing,repurposing or refurbishing – all green practices, and all helpful in creating a home that is truly yours. Share your creative ideas with the rest of us here.

Enjoy the Process:

Buying furniture should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t turn it into a battle of wills as the furniture in your home is an expression of how you want to spend your life together. Choosing how you furnish each room in your home should be both fun and exciting.