Decorating Mediterranean Style


A Coastal-Style That Sings the Blues … And Greens & Whites!


The Mediterranean style is a well-known coastal style and has been used and adapted throughout the centuries. When one speaks of the Mediterranean style, the most common origin that comes to mind is Greece, but the coastal towns of Spain and Italy also helped launch the Mediterranean style.

Rooms decorated Mediterranean style can be casual or formal, but still contain the same basic elements of the style. Think lots of natural light with bright, sunbaked colors, terra cotta, heavy woods, black iron or metals, and carved detailing.

The Mediterranean style is very similar to the mainland styles such asTuscan and Spanish country, but there are differences. Furnishings tend to be lower to the ground in the Mediterranean style, and colors tend to be a bit more vibrant. Whitewashed interiors with bright pops of color also mark the Mediterranean style and set it apart from the mainland styles.

Typical characteristics of a Mediterranean style space:

  • The incorporation of sea and sky colors
  • Mosaic or terra cotta tiles
  • Glazed plaster or textured walls
  • Low furnishings with a substantial feel
  • Furnishings with carved or ornately turned feet
  • Heavy hardware or metalwork
  • Vases, urns or candlesticks in various sizes
  • Emphasis on natural light