Oriental-Style Home Interior Design

In creating oriental style home interior design we usually choose either Japanese or Chinese architectural design, both of them are famous for their unique techniques and different atmospheres. Chinese and Japanese styles are considered to be the most common themes which can be applied in modern houses because most oriental houses which use these themes support the idea of simplicity which perfectly match with modern taste. It’s quite different with any other oriental theme that focuses on multiple furniture applications, designs, and accessories which won’t be preferable for a small house.

Japanese oriental home interior design usually plays with pale colors especially brown, grey, and green. The basic idea is to create a natural looking house that is why we usually find bamboo flooring which is also called tatami and can be used instead of hardwood, tiles or ceramic. The simple look is usually considered to create a balance between the furniture, the size of the house, and the environment around the house. For accessories, we suggest a water feature or ikebana flower arrangement to strengthen the aura of a traditional Japanese house.

Chinese home interior decoration tends to be more colorful. They usually use red, dark wood, and bright colors to create an accent for the house. We can also find sculptures, paintings, or ornaments which represent mythical creatures such as a dragon.  Applying a Chinese theme usually involves a mythical belief, and it is said that Chinese houses need a specific calculation for the design, the place of the house, the entrance hall, furniture, and others. This is because they believe that some symbols will bring good luck for the family but there are also some items which bring misfortune.

Both Japanese and Chinese interior designs are parts of oriental interior design which support the atmosphere of the eastern world.  Other themes for your house include Indian, Siam, and Mongolian which now play an important role in an international architectural design.

Written by :  New Home Design